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Product - PBS Precision Style Ball Bearing Cages

PBS "Precision Style" Ball Bearing Cages

PBS has been manufacturing the "Precision Style" since 1981 and has yet to sacrifice on any quality requirements.
We are the original innovators of the resistant socket set screw and double stake. Heat treated aluminum alloy cages containing premium grade 25 chrome ball bearing presents a unique package of long running capabilities, assurance of the highest quality standards and very attractive price structure. Completely interchangeable with similar units found in die shops today.
Product Image - PBS Rotating Retainer Style Ball Bearing Cages

PBS Rotating Retainer Style Ball Bearing Cages

A full line of "Rotating Retainers" is now available from PBS. These Rotating Ball Cages will spin a full 360° on a guide post when not under a preloaded condition, thereby allowing the ball bearings to re-register as they engage with the bushing, thus keeping tracking to a minimum.
Product Image - PBC " Commercial Style" Ball Bearing Cages

PBS " Commercial Style" Ball Bearing Cages

PBS offers an economic Commercial Ball Cage where assembly and disassembly is easily achieved.
Along with our high quality standards, this commercial retainer will handle most die set applications as required. It is completely interchangeable with our "Precision" and "Rotating Retainer" style ball retainers and utilizes the same guide pin and bushing requirements as those also.
Product Image - Valcour "D" Style Ball Bearing Cages

Valcour "D" Style Ball Bearing Cages

Valcour "D" Series ball cages are manufactured to our exacting standards and to interchange with similar retainers on the market.
A full 360° degree circle stake insures each ball bearing is held securely during the most severe press operations.
Special washer assembly allows our "D" series ball cages to freely rotate when not in a pre-load situation.
Product Image - Valcour Metric Ball Bearing Cages

Valcour Metric Ball Bearing Cages

These ball cages are manufactured by our same standards of the highest quality available today.
Valcour Metric Ball Cages interchange with most other manufacturers parts and our line of metric ball cages is expanding to meet the European sector as well.
19mm - 44mm utilizes 5mm ball bearings, 1 set screw.
50mm - 80mm utilizes 7mm ball bearings, 2 set screw.
Custom Non-Standard Ball Bearing Components

Custom Non-Standard Ball Bearing Components

PBS Custom Ball Bearing Components, Retainers, & Cages are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the customer specific application.
Special bearings have been designed to meet rigorous requirements in aerospace, machine tools, and can include self-aligning capabilities and eccentric motion if required.
Today's high tech industry creates some very sophisticated die equipment, not to mention unusual applications requiring special made ball bearing cages. PBS has been instrumental in this area assisting numerous companies with their needs. Please contact us with your print and dimensions for a complete quotation.
Product Image - Ball Bearing Cage Bushings

Ball Bearing Cage Bushings

PBS carries large inventory of press fit pins and bushings that are incorporated with our "Precision Style", "Rotating Retainers", and "Commercial" ball cages.
Product Image - Guide Posts

Guide Posts

All components are precision ground to meet today's demand for absolute Close tolerance.
The hardened guide posts and bushings compliment our ball bearing cages in many die building facilities throughout the country.
These include "Precision Style", Rotating Retainer", and "Commercial" style ball cages.
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